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Let's face it, the Porsche 928 design is timeless and it's handling is sunning, but the big 928 V8 is rather underpowered by today's standards.  Many car makers offer family sedans and trucks that have more horsepower than most stock 928's.
Until recently, the only options available for serious horsepower increases for the 928 involved stroking/boring the engine for increased displacement. This required the complete disassembly of the engine, replacement of all internal parts, and tens of thousands of dollars in parts and labor.
Now there is the MURF928 SuperShark kit. The first and ONLY 100% COMPLETE supercharger kit for the 928. The MURF928 kit contains EVERY part you will need to install the kit, right down to the zip ties. The kits include complete instructions, and are designed so the average Joe can install the kit themselves without the need for expensive mechanic time.
The MURF928 kits were designed by 928 enthusiasts for 928 enthusiasts. 928s with MURF928 kits have spent many hours on the dyno perfecting the product and ensuring that repeatable performance gains can be had by any 928 owner. Our kits are second to none for consistent, tested performance gains that can be achieved by anybody who can follow simple directions.